Wilkie Creek

The Wilkie Creek project is located just west of Dalby, approximately 250km west of Brisbane.

The mine has been on care and maintenance since 2014. It was purchased by NWE in July 2021.

The project currently employs approximately 300 fulltime staff and contractors while capital works are completed. At full production the workforce will increase to 350 full time employees.

Wilkie Creek is forecast to produce approximately 2.4 million tonnes per annum of high-quality thermal coal, destined for markets in Asia.

Coal will be processed on site before being trucked to the train load out facility at nearby Macalister. The coal will be transported to the Port of Brisbane by train, utilising the West Moreton Coal rail system.

New Wilkie Energy has a close working relationship with the local community and Western Downs Regional Council, and is looking to build its local workforce and integrating with the local towns of Dalby and Chinchilla.

NWE’s long term vision is to become an Australian energy producer that changes the industry dynamics by transitioning coal projects to large scale renewable energy projects over the longer term. NWE intends to utilise post mining areas for the development and construction of large-scale renewable energy projects over the course of Wilkie Creek’s mine life.

Sustainability and the environment

A major consideration of any mining operation is how we leave the land post operations.

New Wilkie Energy is committed to the sustainable development of all mining lease areas under its management. 

Best practice environmental planning is incorporated into all phases of our projects, from development and exploration to eventual closure.  All activities at Wilkie Creek are delivered under the strict conditions and requirements of its Environmental Authority (EA) as granted by the State.


Through our mining activities, the most visible interaction we have with the environment is land disturbance. As part of our commitment to being a responsible operator and in line with our environmental licences, we undertake progressive rehabilitation of our mined land. To achieve this, we have developed a range of practical, achievable solutions which ensure responsible rehabilitation practices are implemented throughout the mine life cycle.

We appreciate that we are the custodians of large parcels of land and have an obligation to care for it and ensure that following mining operations we return the land to a productive use post mining. We believe that mining and agriculture can sustainably coexist.


Water is a valuable, shared resource in our communityand, as such, our philosophy is to use as little water as is practical.

We capture and store all water that collects on our site and re-use that water in our mining operations. We do not utilises any water from external sources.

Our water management plans ensure that we have no impact at all on our neighbours’ water supply.